The Mission of Our Financial Advisors in Bloomington, IL

For over 30 years our purpose has been to empower and enable our clients to safely manage financial risk while providing the tools and services they need to enhance their quality of life as they prepare for and enter their retirement years.  We are passionate about ensuring a positive outcome for your retirement plan.

Your Most Trusted Advisor
Our comprehensive planning takes place in three steps:

  • First is present plan analysis.  Understanding what you have in place and how you have made financial decisions in the past.
  • Second, we educate you about what opportunities are available and carefully scrutinize the different options and weigh their outcomes on our financial model.
  • And lastly, we implement the plan that most effectively grows your wealth, minimizes risks, and allows us to distribute the maximum amount of net dollars to you, your family, and to charities. All of our planning decisions will be mathematically verifiable as the correct course of action and will remain flexible to adapt to tax law changes, market volatility, or other variable conditions.

Challenges Facing Our Clients

  • In a constantly changing financial climate, today’s consumers are left to fend for themselves.
  • With yearly tax law changes, stock market volatility, interest rate fluctuations, and real estate uncertainty, it is nearly impossible for the typical person to keep abreast of all the changing factors in financial planning.
  • The erosion of our wealth by inflation and taxation could leave many people without enough money to retire in their current lifestyle. With ever-increasing life expectancies in our country, the potential exists to outlive our wealth.
  • Most of our clients are simply too busy running their households and businesses to dedicate the amount of time necessary to effectively manage their personal wealth.

What Our Customers Are Asking

  • How do we ensure that we don’t run out of money in retirement ?
  • Will our personal finances be devastated by premature death, disability, law suit or extended nursing home needs?
  • What is the best way to fund our children or grandchildren’s college education?
  • How do we pay the least amount of taxes when we pass our estates or family business to our children?
  • Should we follow the mass blanketed advice disseminated by the media and “do-it-yourself ” or is our family’s wealth important enough to go to a professional?
  • How much does a financial planner cost?